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Vision & Mission

Safety and reliability have became primer issue to manage the aging plants or facilities and recently have also increasingly been popular in designing and constructing a new system or facility across the world. As known, the operation of almost any major plants are governed by their critical equipments and therefore, reliability is an importance aspect to be considered in maintaining those equipment and to protecting the company asset in more cost effective manner. It is timely for Indonesia to adopt quickly a well known technology and move ahead fast in order to keep the economy of the nation running by reducing unnecessary downtime, unsafe operation, and preventing loss to a significant level. Those aspects accordingly become major consideration for the establishment of PT. AT Solusi.


Our Vision

To become a strong and receptable risk engineering company by creating value for customers, employees, and stakeholders through empowered the committed people and innovative technology in engineering, inspection and maintenance services, and at the same time inducing various industries across Nation that run their business safely, reliably and profitably.


Our Mission

To provide the highest quality in service in supporting and assisting our client to achieve their excellence in engineering consulting and inspection through implementations of the right concepts, methodologies and tools, and at the same time encouraging the awareness of industrial community in the area of risk, integrity, safety and reliability in order to continuously benefit and profit their own business.