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Asset Integrity Management System (AIMS)

AIMS is the most advance strategy currently used worldwide to manage the risk and integrity of the facility to the acceptable level at the most cost effective way by bridging and linked all existing reliability, integrity and maintenance method such as RBI, PIMS, and On line Conditioning Monitoring and Structural Reliability, into one integrated system.

As the plant and facility matured and exceeded their design life (aging), many operation challenges are faced by the operators such as increases the risk associated with i) damaging mechanism and rates, ii) an increasingly economic competiveness, iii) more  safety and environmental issues, and so on. Therefore, the production availability, and reliability have to be well maintained using the more sophisticated methods. This is true for all process assets such as stationary, rotating equipment and structural components.

To ensure the continuity of the facility operation and to promote asset, people and environmental safety, all aspects of the reliability and integrity of the equipment and structure concept must be maintained at all phases during their integrity cycle as outlined below. To achieve those purposes, AIMS should be implemented by using various tools and practicable and proven methodologies.