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Cathodic Protection Online Condition Monitoring

Currently most cathodic protection performance measurement are manually operated. Generally, corrosion inspectors visit the test point to measure Pipe to Soil Potential where the test points are mainly located in remote areas, and the pipeline ROW should be inspected by foot. Many transmission pipelines lay in swampy, hilly,  and forest areas where the access are difficult and also limited. This result in high transportation cost and time consuming. Moreover, there are always risks associated with remote areas survey including geohazard, climate and wild animal.  Therefore, there should be an innovation that the potential measurement can be performed remotely and real time - online condition, either employed from site office or from head office / head quarter through integrated computer system. 



Benefit of CP - Online Conditioning Monitoring 

a. Pipe to Soil Potential can quickly be obtained without the need to come to the Tets Point locations.                     

b. Human Error can be avoided in taking pipe to soil potential measurement. 

c. Cathodic protection effectiveness can early be monitored and accurately. 

d. Maintenance and time can be saved because the data is directly sent to the data base in the  office or in control room.

e. Pipe to soil potential data can be accessed from anywhere as long as the location  have access to the internet/gprs/gsm, and     by using a specific software program, the information can also conviently be monitored through mobile phone.