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Fire and Explosion Analysis

Fire and explosion analysis is detail calculation and prediction of worst case scenario involving fire and thermal hazard and explosion or differential pressure received by the receptor including human and physical asset in case of accidents. It is part of design phase of the gas and oil facility. Fire and explosion analysis are applicable to those plant and facility possible for the following occurences : fire ball, pool fire, boiled liquid explosion (BLEVE), vapor explosion (VPE), trench and jet fire. The safe distance and perimeters are to be determined and recommended by using fire wall or explosion-prof materials and/or other risk mitigation measures. 


Benefit of Fire and Explosion Analysis

a. Eliminate and decrease the HSE Occurence. 

b. Identify  the safe area with respect to fire radiation hazard. 

c. Identify the safe area with respect to explosion hazard. 

d. Improve safety of people and asset.