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Structural Integrity Management (SIM)

Structural integritry assessment (SIM) deal with aging onshore or offshore platform exceeding its design life while its economic value is still beneficial. The SIM may be conducted for Re-Certification program awarded by the Government or Regulator.  The assessment is usually started with regular inspection programs such visual tests, NDT, and cathodic protection effectiveness inspection (for those parts submerged below water). Corrosion at splash zones and at joint members and weld location are of particular interest to inspect, in order to detect any possible external corrosion and initiated or propagated cracks that detrimental to the structure. Push over and/or fatigue analysis are performed to ensure that,under existing loading condition, the structure and its components or member can be still sustain static and dynamic or cyclic loading without failure, where the operating stresses are still below those of yield strength of the materials.  If the structure fail according to FEM simulation, the reinforcement program then put in place so that the platform can be operated safely.



Benefit of SIM Analysis

a. It increases the reliability of the platform. 

b. It decreases inspection and maintenance cost. 

c. It optimizes spare parts /stocking management. 

d. It improve safety of people and asset.